Tips on Installing Perth Air Conditioners

Perth air conditioners experts offer a wide range of services ranging from installing to maintenance of air conditioners. This services are meant to ensure that the system give you the comfort you may be yawning for. The experts will not just install the device for you but will help you choose a system that offers the right cooling or heating that satisfies your particular needs. In addition, they will help you select a system that guarantees you quality service.

If you don’t have experience with electrical or plumbing work, it is necessary that you hire Perth air conditioning experts to install the system for you. However people with some technical experience can use the following tips in their quest to install an air conditioner.

How to install a split system air conditioner

Start by selecting unobstructed location on the interior wall where you will mound the unit. Locations that are susceptible to gas leaks, sulphur and oil mist should be avoided. If you opt to install it near the door, ensure that the door has enough space for opening. The unit should be installed 3.3 feet away from antennas, power lines and intercoms telephone. This is to reduce the interference caused by the electrical noise from these sources. Besides, it is necessary that you avoid direct heat sources and sunlight. Lastly check and ensure that the wall is strong enough to hold the weight of the air conditioners. You may also opt to construct a metal frame or a wood to provide the needed support.

A typical A/C installation in a Western Australian home

• Start by mounting the plate against the wall where you want the unit installed.
• Use a level to ensure that the plate is held horizontally to the wall.
• Choose appropriate spots in the wall and drill holes so that the plates can be fixed on the wall.
• Plastic anchors should be inserted into the holes so that they may be used to tap the screws.
• Install the unit on the wall and ensure that it is firmly held.
• Check and ensure that the cable connections are well done

Once you have finished the A/C installation, it is recommended that you check and ascertain that the system is well installed and the wiring has been done as per specifications. Test the system and see if it is working or not.
This process may be difficult and complicated. This is why it is recommended that you let Perth air conditioners experts do the job for you to avoid accidents.

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